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Just your basic dream journal. I will attempt to record all of my dreams here, no matter how mundane or humiliating they may be.
Keep in mind, I wake up and crawl to the computer and write these before coffee, tea or anything so yeah, they're a mess. Enjoy.

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Monday, March 27, 2006

Dreaming in the woods

Two Dreams I had while staying in a cabin in the Santa Cruz mountains.

I was black and young. I was in a really bad neighborhood, trying to get to somewhere safer. Someone was shooting at me on one street, I made my way around the corner and my car was within my sight. As I made my way toward my car a young kid appeared between me and it.

"Why you wearin' black red and blue?"

I had on a black jacket with a fur lined hood and a long shirt with bands of red and blue showing below the coat.

"It doesn't mean anything. It's just what I'm wearing. I'm not in a gang, I just want to get out of here."

I woke up.

I was at a general store. The store took up the front part of the building. Behind the store ran a long hallway with doors leading into small apartments.
Patrick said he was going to Liv-Mo and Tim's party and he went down the hall and into one of the doors.

I followed sometime later but didn't know which door. One had garage music playing, so I opened the door. There were three asian girl's in the tiny dorm room like apartment. I asked if they knew where a tall guy named Tim who played garage music lived. They pointed across the hall to another door. I opened it and it was a closet, but two sets of feet were visible. Liv and Tim, they were in their makin' out or napping or something.

They got up and showed me to the party, out back in the yard. It turns out it was a Sci-Fi costume party and I felt like a dork not being in costume so I started talking funny, so my costume would be an Alien trying to pass as a human. I talked to Jerry Perry, but he seemed real grumpy and not happy to see me. A girl and guy grabbed two steel rods with sqare piece attached and decided to have a sword fight. When she go beaned upside the head nobody got too excited about it. They picked her up and laid her on a bench. Now the pary was in my yard, so I went upstairs and grabbed q-tips and neosporim and band-aids. She was awake and she had instisted I not use anything that would stink. She had a good gash in her head but it wasn't bleading. I put the neoporim on. Once I dipped the q-tip in this tub of white body lotion stuff absentmindedly. She noticed and gave me a swift "What the hell?" to correct me.

I wondered where Patrick was, since it was now clear he'd gone into the wrong apartment and then wasn't seen again.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Climbin, Pooin', Really gotta pee

I'm climbin' a steep hill, and I really gotta go to the bathroom. Luckily, someone kind soul put a toilet seat between some branches and dug a little hole under it. As I sit down to poo the dream becomes an episode of The Simpsons, I'm the guest star and the scene is "Poop, The Musical." but then it's normal again, and I pee down the hill and I pee on some back packs and gloves that are left on the hill.

At the top of the hill is a trap door that I climb through to pop up through the floor of a house. I hear people coming and I don't want them to see me, maybe because I just peed on somebody's stuff. I climb quickly into the house, and there are the girls whose voices I heared. I guess I'm sharing the house with them. They tell me I could've used the front door. It's a canned laugh sitcom moment. I watch too much tv.

I go to the bathroom (tea before bed) and there's now lots of women all in line to use the bathrooms in the big room full of bathroom stalls. I notice most of the woman seem disturbed. They're hallucinating, asking me if the toilet is a toilet, if there's frogs in the toilet. When I finally use the bathroom myself the stall door won't latch and people keep trying to open it. The door hits my back and makes it hard to aim well.

I wake up from this dream and go straight to the bathroom, my bladder about to burst.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Bob's Body

In my dream Bob called for a favor. Not so unusual, Bob's always calling me asking me if I want to be in his latest film project. And even though I'm always thrilled to do it, Bob always presents it as him asking me for a favor, and not him offering me a part. Bob's a sweetheart.
So Bob calls.

"Hey Keith, I need a little favor?"

"Yeah, Bob, what's up?"

"Well I hate to ask but I've got this dead body and I gotta get rid of it. I'm hoping you could dump it in the big dumpster when you got to..." And here Bob named someplace that I went to regularly, though I can't remember where.

I agree to take care of the body and Bryna and I drive over to Bob's place. I tell Bryna she'd probably rather not know what we're up to and I suggest she close her eyes, which she does. Bob loads the body into the back seat. He's wrapped the body up in newspaper and tape, doing such a neat job its practically gift wrapped.

I don't have time to go to the dumpster right away so I take the body home with me, leaving it in the car while I go in the house and get ready for bed. As I lay in my bed I start to think about all that could go wrong if I dispose of this body. Someone will find it, and when they do they'll check the security cameras in the area, including the traffic cams, etc. They'll dust for fingerprints, and mine are on record. I decide this is a bad idea and I call Bob up.

Bob's very understanding and agrees to meet me somewhere so I can pass the body back to him. We park side by side, slide the package from my car to his and I'm done with it and greatly relieved.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Panhandling Ticket

The Dream: A cop busts me for Panhandling and so he drives me to this bar and gives my ticket to me and a copy to the bartender, like it's going on my tab or something. There's even a line on the ticket where he writes in his cut. "What, should I fuckin' tip you?" I yell as he's leaving.

I have a seat on a bench against the wall and a blues band plays while different guys sing. One guy is loud which everyone mistakes for good so the band hands him a guitar and he rocks out on the guitar too. They ask him if he knows a certain song and when he doesn't they plug the guitar into a bunch of effects, like that will help him play the song he don't know.

The guy sitting next to me has his arm on the benchs back and it encroaching on my space. "Hey, how about a little room here?"

At first he's obliging but he keeps drinking and starts thinking it's funny to mess with me, scooting closer and closer. I'm ready to pop him one but he's scooted me into this attractive woman who starts flirting with me and that's a bit distracting. He gets worse and I wonder if I can get in a fight without losing this woman's attention. I look at his face. He's a typical big faced, long haired, beer soaked complexion bar rat. I figure hitting him in the face would be like hitting a wall. I consider how best to take him out quickly.

I wake up.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Two Strange Dreams

Must've ate too much yesterday, for my birthday. Had two weird dreams.

Dream One. We have company over our apartment and it's a mess, and Bryna and I are fighting about the mess. I tell her it wasn't even me who had the tomatoe soup or whatever was in the can that's on the couner. She goes to sit on the back porch and I go with her. It seems we're done fighting. As I step onto the porch I have to swat a bat that flies at my face. Bryna shows me how she taps on the stair railings and the bats all come. She has been tapping on the railing whenever she sees bugs on the stairs and over time the bats have learned to respond. I watch as the bats gobble up bugs and then a mouse. Now I have a close up view of the bats. It's as if I'm not longer actually there but watching a movie. The bats finish eating the bouse and then there's a tiny kitten, the size of a mouse. The kitten just materializes out of nowhere. The bats can talk now and discuss the fact that it interrupts things for them to eat the clawed hunting beast. I wake up.

Dream Two. I have LOTS of people over. We introduce our friend Jeremy from Portland to our other friend from Portland. My brothers are there. The band Broken Home is there. I decide to play guitar with my friend/cousin who plays a weird little harp thing. Next thing you know we have a circle of people in the kitchen ready to have a little jam session. Bryna starts bringing groceries into the kitchen where we're all circled up with instruments. It becomes very crowded.

I have a real hard time getting everyone to tune so we can start playing. Jenny from Broken Home shoots me with a squirt gone, and then my brother John keeps squirting me in the face. I throw a glass of water at him and miss. I tell him to stop and he tells me I do annoying things all the time. I tell him that I stop when someone asks me to and we drop it from there. I notice that I've got broken strings on my guitar. My mom pulls out and old banjo thinking there are guitar strings in the case there aren't. So mom and I go around the corner to the Kendal's house.

I lived around the corner from Alice and Wilbur Kendal when I was a kid. We go in and I see Alice from behind doing the dishes but by the time she turns around and says hello it's not Alice but her sister Lupe. In the dream Lupe has these cute animals that seems half chinchilla half ferret. I comment on how much ferrets have changed since becoming legal to keep as pets but nobody knows what I mean. They rub themselves on my shoes which is cute enough but then one of them bites me between my thumb and index finger. I aske Lupe if she has anything for that and she gives me five pills to swallow, one or two of them catch in my throat and I ask her if she has anything topical. She goes to find something. I notice she has horses in her back yard. I wake up.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Childhood Dream

When I was a kid there was an indian graveyard not far from my house. To get to it you'd walk down a dirt road for thirty minutes or so, until you were far from anyhouses and there it was, a small graveyard, with maybe a couple of dozen headstones in the dirt surround by a chainlink fence. No grass, certainly no flowers and lots of the headstones had been vandalized.
We climbed the fence at least once. It just felt strange to be there to stand on the graves. We didn't do any vandalizm and we meant no harm. We were just experiencing the thrill of doing something that gave us a scare.

The Dream: I dreamt that the Indians, these missing people who had a graveyard but who I'd otherwise never seen any trace of, were having a parade. It was night and they would parade from the hills, from the direction of the graveyard through our suburban housing tract. We would be left alone providing we stayed hidden. The Indians did not want to see any trace of us.
I hid under my bed as the appointed hour for the parade came. But I couldn't resist climbing out and having a peek. I climbed on my bed and parted the wodden shutters to look through my bedroom window. The parade was the most wonderful thing I'd ever seen. The indians with their feathered head dresses and brown muscular bodies and mohawks marched proudly, dancing and beating on drums. Then one fierce looking Indian with a tomohawk turned suddenly and looked me right in the eye. I scrambled off the bed and climbed back under it. I knew they were coming. I knew they'd be climbing through my window. I knew I was to meet my end and that it wouldn't be pretty.

I woke up.

Friday, March 03, 2006

SUV Skiing

The dream starts in a big house where the family including cousins and aunts and uncles are all together, must be someone's weddinng but I don't know whose. I'm there and I have a cousin who is flirty with me and I'm in my underwear trying to get ready for bed though I'm not sure why I'm changing in the kitchen but I hide my indecency by putting a small laundry basket in front of me adn then I see her to the door, cuz even in my underwear I'm a gentlemen and she laughs and I laugh.

My dad is there and he's gonna tickle me and pinch me like when I was a kid and I tell him I'm more equipped to fight back now and he's all giggles and he comes at me so I'm pinching him, hard and he's starting to get very competitive and I tell him that this is going to turn into a real fight if we don't stop.

Then I'm in the snow and my nephews and my little brother are all snowboarding. I hear there's a slope where they're allowing people to drive their cars down so I grab my brother's SUV and I drive to the top of the slope and as I get near the top it occurs to me that I'm on ice more than snow and that this vehicle will be moving very fast, sliding and that I won't be able to turn without flipping and there are rocks in the path that must be manuvered around. So I sit there with the SUV and I wonder how the hell to get it back down the mountain now. My nephew Erick offers to drive it down and since he's an experienced snowboarder I figure he knows what he's doing and he gets in and his little brother Stevie and some other kids get in and off they go down the hill and then I see them start to roll, and I calm myself and I tell myself that it was bound to happen and they're probably fine and I make my way to them. The SUV is crushed but I manage to get the each out and lay them out on the snow and their oncuncious but not bleeding or anything and then they start to wake up and I know they'll be okay.

I wake up.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

James, driving, Fire

I'm driving with my brother James over a bridge and he says "Oh shit, that's a big fire!"

I notice a whole lotta smoke and we're cresting the high point of the bridge so we can't yet see the road in front of us but I can tell the fire's right there and then we're in the white smoke, so thick we're rendered completely blind. I don't know if he should gun it and barrell through or go backwards. I decide that we don't know what's ahead and I tell him to back up, slowly so whoever is coming up the bridge behind us doesn't hit us. He does and as we roll slowly backward in the white out it occurs to me that we could very well die. We come out of the smoke. We turn the truck sidways on the bridge where cars coming up the bridge will see us and know to stop.

I wake up.


There was a girl, maybe my daughter, common them lately, and a guy wanted to hurt here. At one point she was all purple and feverish with yellow veins and levitating and what not but then she was normal. Anyway, back to the guy who wanted to hurt her; I was fighting with this guy for HOURS. I fipped him over my back landing the top of his head on a red hot electric stove burner and I pushed his head against it. There was punching and biting. At one point I bit all the way through his finger, but it didn't break the skin, just broke all the bones and and such inside. I finally got him pushed out of the house and I was trying to dial 911 while he tried to break through a glass door. He got the door off it's runner and I'm holding it in place. He pulls out a screw driver and then he makes a joke.

"Hey, when this is all through, I'm hoping we still can be friends." and then he's stabbing at the glass with the screw driver which makes a terrible noise. I'm holding the door between us and now Bryna's there and I've handed her the cell phone and she's telling the 911 operator our address, or rather she's asking me what to do and I'm telling her to tell the 911 operator our address. Then I woke up, not rested at all.

Accupuntcure, nice dream

Fell asleep on the accupuncturist table after I had some needles put in me, dreamt that I was in a cozy house. I sat down on some pillows and invited a little girl who may have been my daughter to bring me a book so I could read to her. I felt comfortable and warm and full of love and it's hard to convey just how overwhelimingly pleasant it was. I think my paternal instincts are not being satisfied. Better go read to a friend's kid or something before I ended up doing something crazy like having a kid of my own. If I do though, I hope I have a daughter.