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Just your basic dream journal. I will attempt to record all of my dreams here, no matter how mundane or humiliating they may be.
Keep in mind, I wake up and crawl to the computer and write these before coffee, tea or anything so yeah, they're a mess. Enjoy.

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bouncing Car, Gambling, Popeye, Spaniel

A week or so ago dreamt I was driving with Allen in a long convertable. We were driving next to a road, bouncing in the dirt, a fun ride as the car bounced all over the place. Scary, but fun.

A few nights back dreamt I was with my sweetie, looking for place to gamble and to get some food. We ate at restaraunt that was part of some sort of entertainment complex like universal city walk down south, upper middle class America's idea of fancy, too expensive for my blood. I sat at the table alone for awhile but then I went looking for Bryna. The dream turned into a particularly violent episode of Popeye a this point. I was the famous Sailor, beating the crap out of Bluto, but not for the love of Olive Oyle, I was fighting to retrive a little dog named Daniel The Spaniel. I bounced Bluto's head off the walls, off the ground, and just all around beat him to a pulp. Unlike the actual popeye I didn't need to take a beating before reaching for the spinach, I ate mine out front before going into give Bluto his thrashing.

I don't usualy dream in cartoon. Pretty cool.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Here are some notes I made, half awake, trying to remember my dreams. I added details (in parenthesis) later, if I remembered more.

Play, ending in fight scene. I scoot around crowd on the ground yelling hit him hit him.
Lesbian couple who I don’t like, says she doesn’t wear underwear. I say I know, please do.

Driving to work next morning with foot caught in steering wheel (I stick my foot through the steering wheel, just to see if it will fit), no headlights, I'm half dressed, I see a cop, I pull over to avoid getting pulled over by cop. (with my foot in caught in the wheel it's hard to pull over, and I may be drawing the cops attention more I worry. I squeeze between some garbage cans and the curb and get my foot unhooked).
At work lots of toilet paper piled on desk. Toilet paper on sale sign stuck to my desk.
Bosses big joke. (In real life, my boss jokes that because I have colitis our toilet paper budgets if bankrupting us.)
My work looks like the co-op. (The Sac Natural Foods Co-Op is where I go for lunch almost every day.)
Sea monkeys all doin’ it in really BIG sea monkey tank. (I have a sea monkey tank on my desk at work. It's tiny, and the sea monkeys are doing good, but I've yet to see any pro-creating, which I hope to see soon. In the dream there are hundreds of sea monkeys doing it and their all in formation, like flying war planes as they swim around the tank, locked together in pairs.)

Friday, July 07, 2006

Something's up with the Horse Cow. Allen needs to stay with me. I go to the Horse Cow house, a house they're renting to stay in, and mover type guys are confistcating everything in the thrashed place. It seems they were a week late with the rent, and the landlord had grown impatient of them being late. I don't know why they have this house, but for some reason they felt it important to have a place to stay rather than staying at the gallery. I am wondering if Allen collected the rent from everyone and then didn't pay the landlord. He is amazingly calm, as always. I don't know what happened but folks is going to be pissed at him eventually. For now, everyone is pretty mellow.

(The Horse Cow is an art community/gallery. There is no Horse Cow House, but I heard that something was up at the Horse Cow last night before going to bed. It must be weighing on me. I still don't know just what is up.)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


We were on stage, the opening band for some really cool local band. It was a great gig, but we hadn't had a single rehearsal. I told the band to just go for it. I figured we'd play "Can't judge a book" a cover that my band used to do, and then improv from there. The drummer was my baby brother, but then he was my friend Patrick, or he was both, but in the end he was mostly Patrick. I smacked him in the ear and told him to play. He got really upset and stormed off stage. I went to his table and told him to knock it the fuck off. Yeah, I was sorry, now get on the goddamned stage and play. I started makin' up lyrics like I do when I pretend to be a rockstar before going to sleep at night. Everything was hectic and I had no focus. Things were going to fast. I was trying to make the most of this situation but we were WAY underprepared.

It's not surprising I had this dream last night. I'm hosting the Sac Area Music awards next week and working on getting prepared.

I had another more pleasant dream but I lost it.