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Just your basic dream journal. I will attempt to record all of my dreams here, no matter how mundane or humiliating they may be.
Keep in mind, I wake up and crawl to the computer and write these before coffee, tea or anything so yeah, they're a mess. Enjoy.

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Chris' Guitar

So my buddy Chris Woodhouse invents the most fun little guitar ever. It's got to bass strings. you play a bass track which then loops. A little metal piece that bobs around can be, well, bobbed around to make a cool speed metal guitar noise, change the pitch with buttons on the neck, and there's even another thing, that is also manipulated with a pick or fingers that gives a looping drum beat.
Then, we're at a rollerskating rink. I seem to be in charge in some fashion. A conga line starts. I'm in the conga line for a bit but then a break off and I'm able to skater really well doing big circles going forward to sideways to backwards so I face the same direction the whole time. I skate really fast and it's a thrill. My mom and dad walk onto the rink. Dad wants to know why I haven't called. I tell him, I've been here, my phone's out of range. Yeah.
I'm at my house. The skating rink may have been at my house. I own a house. I keep explaining Chris' guitar thing to people. He makes a bunch and their really popular. It's going to be his big break. Two younger girls are looking for something in my house, maybe the bathroom, and it feels strange to be a home owner. I feel very much like an old fogey as I keep my I on these girls out of concern for my home. I even lock one of the rooms. They follow me around and talk to me. I go to the garage, I'm going to go skating. I do an ollie on an old really tiny board on some cracked up pavement.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Ween

In some weird part of LA I hadn't seen before. John's directing, Dad's driving but Dad's not listening very well. Trying to find the venue where Ween is playing. We stop at a cool little store. I've already eaten but must take advantage of being here by getting some snacks. Am tempted by chocolates but I know that I shouldn't. Ween is in a side room of the store. one of the weeners is explaining that they wanted to change their names to, um, something, I forget. Dean liked the name changes for the other two guys but didn't want to be called "baby". We leave and dad is driving poorly, John is getting impatient. There are weird women in the parking lot. Older women, with almost nice bodies in bathing suits and what not.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Hawaii, dad paid for trip,
Cheap island, two resorts, voucher for dinner.
Dinner and there’s a musician, some kind of giant. Dinner consist of cool little mini fruits. Mini kiwis, mini watermelons.
Walking with dad on wet hard ground, shallow water on both sides of us.
I say something that dad takes as insulting. I reassure him that we’re stoked on and appreciative of the trip and I tell him that we’re going to go hang gliding and snorkeling.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


We're at a show, on stage, myself and Andrew, one of the guys from The Cody Rivers Show (who are actually coming down in April to do a show.) I sit next to Andrew and he starts a really depressing bit. Its improvised and it goes great. A nice, dark piece of comedy.
We're at some hipster party with all the cool kids. For some reason we start doing the routine there in the middle of the party. There is a set of bleachers so setting up in front of them is kind of like being on stage. I do an awkward introduction where I say that the parents of the people in Pets (a local band) lost their jobs and will now be supported by their kids music. I say that that is great. I also say that I'm not totally sure that its Pets, it might be one of these other "couple" bands, but its one of them. We start the routine. I do it differently, less funny, more just depressing stories. The bleachers are emptying. There's maybe one person watching when we finish.
After we're all hanging out inside, in a big dark room full of chairs and couches. Evan is handing out flyers for a Brent Weinbach show. I announce to the room, "I wouldn't say this lightly. This guy is the funniest stand up comic working today."

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Can't get through the damn mall

We just want to get to the smog place, but between us and it is small galleria, mini-mall type place and we can't seem to get through it. Walking in the direction we need to go on the first floor we hit a dead end. We try some stairways but they're employees only, behind the scenes deals. An attractive girl tells us a way to get up the third floor which goes through. I have to run back to tell her I liked her outfit. The third floor is a nails/hair place and it's big and spacious and very chi-chi. The woman running it, stereotypically enough, and older Asian woman, greets us as soon as she sees us. We explain that we're just trying to get through the building. They have a fish tank and I have to look at it. Its a big, amazing reef tank. Instead of lots of variety this tank has a few species of coral only in amazing abundance. It's graceful and gorgeous and sunk in the tank are three big plastic sub sandwiches?!?! I figure the store-owners insisted on this, though I can't see why since it's a beauty salon not a sandwich shop. I ask if Jim is the one who set up the tank. He is. We go into the stairwell and I'm trying to explain to Bryna what is so unique and amazing about this tank.
Now we're downstairs and on the other side of the building. We're at a more expensive upscale version of hooters. It's a nice place but its staffed entirely by mostly unattractive women in skimpy outfits. I'm standing outside where two girls are swimming in a sort of wave pool. I am watching. They aren't attractive in the slightest and yet I can't look away thinking I might see some skin. A wave comes and then the side of the pool drops out and I realize that I'm standing on some sort of giant slip and slide. I am being swept away by this huge wave and I go with it. It's not fun, I'm not enjoying myself, but I know there is nothing I can do about it, so I try to only get wet on one side. I think about where my phone is. Finally the wave stops. I get up. I feel and my phone is in the dry pocket. I walk back toward the restaurant and my friend Brett. Bryna at some point became Brett. I'm in the suburbs judging by the people walking toward me. I think I see my friend Bill but it's not him.

Later I dream at my mom's house. I have a room there. My mom is playing cards with a bunch of old ladies. I'm listening to music with some friend of mine and my brother James. I have a huge pile of free singles. I tell James I don't know if any of them are any good as I haven't gotten to them yet.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Then End Of The World, again

The world was ending. It was well known and so we prepared. Every person told their one last story. Nobody listened particularly well as we were all distracted by the question of what our own last story would be. But you listened just enough, because you'd want to adjust your story if someone before you hit on the theme your were planning or in the case of someone you knew well they could actually end up telling the exact same story you had in mind. This half listening is what allowed for the possibility that a really good story could cut through the stress, sadness and urgency of the moment and really catch the crowd, make everyone forget for a moment that the world was about to end. I changed my mind a dozen times about what story I would tell, until finally I gave up on making a choice realizing it would all depend on who went before me. I tried to reassure myself, telling myself that I was always good in a pinch...

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hamburger, Crest, Sea Monkey

I'm out with Scott promoting Love and Math (a play) and we go to a falafel place. For some reason we have a hamburger to promote the show? The owner of the falafel place agrees to take our hamburger and display it but he cus the sides off so it's not round like a burger and instead is long like the sub sandwhiches he sells.
We hear someone ordering the new special hamburger as we leave and we shrug, laugh and move on.
Then, it's my birthday. I'm on stage at The Crest. It's dark, real dark, pitch black. I'm asking for a light and a few people flick their lighters but its too dark and the contrast is too much, the lighters are hard to look at. KT asks me to get the food and bring it to the stage when I'm done on stage. Sids then on stage, there are some lights and I"m in the front row. I'm instructed to keep her up there so Andy (her business partner at The Crest) can play some joke on her. I try, then this spotlight comes on and goes all weird, sorta psychedelic. This is Andy's idea of a whorthwhile prank. Sid roles her eyes.
Then, I'm at work. Allen has a cup of water on Lilly's desk and is showing LIlly's granddaughter some of my sea monkeys. I am stoked to see that there are indeed some live ones, having come back after dehydrating the tank.
Hamburger falafel promoting with Scott.
my birthday at crest/picking on Sid w/spotlight, keep her on until Andy finishes pickin' on her.
Sea Monkey's, Allen showing them to kid up front.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


There was an old wood cabin and a band was playing, the members of which all looked like brothers with white hair and full white goatees. They all wore matching grey suits. They were the greatest musicians of all time, brought back to life to make up this band. The guitarist was Jimi Hendrix, not sure who the others were, but I was excited to have brought them back, and I was telling someone about it but asking them to keep it secret.
There was more but I forget.