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Just your basic dream journal. I will attempt to record all of my dreams here, no matter how mundane or humiliating they may be.
Keep in mind, I wake up and crawl to the computer and write these before coffee, tea or anything so yeah, they're a mess. Enjoy.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Thee Nights catch up

Kept waking up, stressed, trying to get Mick Jagger's contract worked out in a way that everyone would agree with. Had to actually tell myself "You Don't Know Mick Jagger or The Stones! You have nothing to be stressed about. Go TO SLEEP!" It didn't work.

Next night. Dreamt of Q-Tips. I was getting so much yellow gunk from my ears, even a little brown and then some blood. Decided to be gentle with the blood. Told Bryna about it. Asked her not to freak out.

Last night. Long, luxurious blow job. Finally finsihing with a hand job, cock held gently against her breasts.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Bryna and I are lyin' in bed and our west facing window is as wide as the wall it's on and almost half as tall. Bryna's reading and I tell her to look at the amazing round patterns the clouds are making, like a cloud mandalla. Everytime she looks though they're in a comparitively boring formation.
Finally I get her to look and keep looking. She sees the amazing patterns. A tunnel clowd forms and comes toward us. It's hailing hard. We get the windows shut. The tunnel clowd goes down the alley next to our house. Things start to calm down. It's really cool. We cuddle.

I'm on a boat. A mans explaining that when you see this certain kind of shark you tell your divers not to go in the water. But if there already on the way in, expect to be taking them home without limbs. And like we're illustrating the point with no option to follow the advice, everyon on the boat jumps in. I think to myself that I'm not supposed to be amongst the divers. I manage to get back in the boat whole, along with with one other person. Then everyon else starts climbing in with missing legs. There is no blood. It's as if the shark carefully amputated and cotterized the legs in some undersea operating room.
I was rowing the boat back with my hands and hoping we had an engine or something. Than I notice the one other guy with all his limbs in tact has oars. Cool. I'd help, but dang, just one set of oars.

Later in a different dream in a different universe it would seem, I'm at a funeral. My co-workers are there. My coworkers are mostly related to each other, a large Mexican family and we've actually attended quite a number of funerals with them. A cute little white girl is talking on a microphone and I'm seeing if any of my coworkers need a lift. I try to comfort the younger woman from my office and her friend (or sister?), but they seem to want me to piss off as if I have no business even talking to 'em. There's som odd tension of me finding them very attractive.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Black Furry Pillows

Walking out of an antique/junk store. Walking with a pretty asian girl who doesn't speak english and her hip caucasion boyfriend who just doesn't speak.
Then there's an old asian women there, the girl's mother, and her and I make jokes and trade stories and laugh and put my hands on her shoulders and the city is pretty and I'm happy.
I get to an apartment buidling with many little apartments and the girl and her bf live there and so do. She is suddenly on the second floor and she gets my attention and throw me down a black furry pillow and points up. She wants to go sit on pillows on the roof.
I tell her I have to introduce her to my girlfriend first and I don't know if she understands but she walks with me towards Bryna and I's apartment. She gets in the elevator which is right next to my apartment. It's a cool old elevator with a black iron gate. On her way into the elevator she bumps into Emily W. and Emily doesn't acknowledge her. I try to introduce Emily, proud of my correct pronunciation of the girl's name and Emily says in an impatient tone, "I'm not in a state to meet anyone!"
I follow Emily into my apartment. it's one small room. Bryna's on the bed shaving her legs and the little apartment is full of girls, Emily, Chris, Bryna's sisters. They all seem angry. It's Bryna's birthday. I want to get away from the negativity.
I ask Bryna to come meet my friend. We walk into the hall and the girl has let the elevator gate shut. She opens it when she sees us. She's standing at the back of the elevator. I introduce her to Bryna and I wake up.


Dream I was an extra on some movie set. A blonde girl was snobby to me. I pushed her and her friend to the ground, but it didn't seem like a violent act because they just sort of floated down. I didn't take off my cloths or their but I was able to start having sex with her, sort of. I wasn't very hard and she was making snotty comments about the fact that I couldn't even rape her right, such a loser am I. I managed to hold her and her friend down at the same time. They were too bored to fight it.

I woke up.