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Just your basic dream journal. I will attempt to record all of my dreams here, no matter how mundane or humiliating they may be.
Keep in mind, I wake up and crawl to the computer and write these before coffee, tea or anything so yeah, they're a mess. Enjoy.

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Monday, January 30, 2006

Fear of drowning

I dreamt I was with some business man type guy who was considering investing in something I was doing, but I’m not sure what. We were trying to get to The Gallery Horse Cow, a sort of co-operative, live/work art space in town. We were driving some back roads, and then dirt roads, and it was raining heavily. The dirt roads were becoming muddy roads, more like clay than regular mud, and it was clear that the area was flooding.

We were on a high road going through a flood area when a red head woman on the deck of a small rustic house boat began waving at us and doing a sexy little dance. I was wondering what the hell she was doing, if she was a prostitute who worked out of a boat or what? I guess the driver was looking at her two as we spun off the road into the water. The car floated at first and he was spinning the wheels hoping they’d grab something. I got the door open, afraid that I wouldn’t be able to open it if I waited until we sank further in. I grabbed my cell phone and held it out of the water as the car began sinking. I hopped out of the car. I am not a good swimmer and I freak out in deep water. I wasn’t sure I could swim to the road, or the red headed woman’s boat. I tried dialing 911 while treading water with one hand. Now I was spinning in the water, fast, round and round. I couldn’t hit the right buttons on the phone and my face was now underwater. I woke up.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

An old nightmare

I just remembered a nightmare I had when I was about 16, and still a virgin (relevant sorta.)

I had cancer. All I could do was cry and cry and cry. I wasn't the brave fighter who'd pledge to beat it. I knew this was it. I'd never get out of the depressings state my life had been in for the last couple of years. I went to my friends house and his mom took me in the shower and gave me some sex, some sympathy sex.

I woke up and I was really bummed, you know, about having cancer. I lay there for a long time in a deep funk before I realised it was a dream. I don't have cancer! YES! I hopped out of bed and had an awesome cancer free, sex with my friend's weird, creepy mom free day.

Saturday, January 28, 2006


It starts out weird but mellow enough. Our fourplex is up on a cliff. The neighbors are visiting. Gale from the building next door brings us two glasses of water because she owed us two glasses. Then the fence that bordered our yard kind of fell apart in my hands and crashed over the cliff.
The dream shifts and the girls are upstairs talking. I'm in the yard and my brother Erick is drunk off his ass and trying to get up the stairs to be funny with the girls. Erick's sense of humor is even more abrassive than my own, and drunk, it's a doozey. Erick is sober now-a-days so him being drunk is especially distressing. He wanders up the stairs and then he slips and falls and I hear his head crack on the stairs. He hits the ground and I hear him quietly sobbing. I also hear blood flowing out of him at such a rate as to be audible, like flowing water. I start screaming for my dad. Suddenly Erick and my dad are our next door neighbors. My dad answers grumpily "what do you want?"
"Come out here?"
"What do you want?"
I'm freaking out. I scream, "Call 911! Call 911!" and I put my hand over the hole in Erick's skull, to hold in the blood but I know it's too late. I know he's as good as dead now and that there's nothing I can do. I hope that it's a dream as I try to wake up and thank god, it works, and I wake up. But every time I close my eyes Erick's there, bleeding and I have to actually get out of bed and get some water to get completely free of the dream.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Busted up wrists

I beat up my wrists pretty bad skateboarding. Then I went to sleep and dreamt that I went to see the doctor. Lucky me the doctor prescribed that I go on the road with this crazy band that was like a cross between The Flaming Lips and The Buthole Surfers. The band had a really cool sound and they would play in the the big beautiful fields or on hill sides, always outdoors. I think there was sometimes an audience but it wasn't important.
In one of these scenic locations I went out with my friend and co-worker and sometimes boss Allen, and we went up and down these steap hills in this beat up old grey car. The car stopped at one point and seemed to be leading lots of oil. We rolled down a hill, lots of fun and then we reached a gas station. We looked at the car and it had big crazy shocks set up to make it a monster truck, but they were disconnected and little donut spares were on each wheel. Somehow driving around was work related. Pretty cool that the doctor sends me tourin' with a band and my boss sends me driving around pretty places in a crappy car. That's all I remember.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Jail Reversal

I dreamt I was heading to work but when I got there the prisoners were walking around free and my coworkers were locked up in the cells. I worked at a jail, but my coworkers were the same coworkers I have now, when I'm awake. I asked my Colombian, mechanic pal Oscar what was up and he explained that the prisoners took over the jail. I hadn't noticed. Good thing I dress like a slop, the prisoners just thought I was one of them and I wandered back out. I ran to the Police department but because it was April 1st the cops wouldn't believe me. I ran home or to my mom's house or something but my mom showed up after awhile and I got tears going and everything, but she wouldn't believe me either! Damn you April Fools Day! So, I figured I'd have to wait until the next day before anybody would help me set things right and I watched some TV. Yeah.

Taking my dad's cigarettes

My dad had a problem with his heart last year and after having a stint put in to keep one of the arteries open he finally quit smoking. I am so relieved to see him quit at last. But I guess in my subconcious I still worry about him being able to stay away from the smoke. The man is in his sixties (early sixties, I'm sure he'd insist I put that in) and he smoked pretty much ALL his life. Hence this dream:

I'm with my dad in his backyard when I suddenly notice he has a lit cigarette in his mouth. I pluck the cigarette from him and I break it. He steps towards me and I easily step away while berating him for smoking, using lots of colorful language. I reach foward and pat his pockets finding a pack which I take from him and crumple. I then head into his house, staying a step ahead of him the whole time while searching for cigarettes. I woke up feeling quite strange.

In real life I'm still afraid of my dad, as one boy should be, but I think seeing him smoking might just give me the inspiration I need to kick his ass. He isn't smoking though, and I'm so glad. I need him to stick around long enough to see me get a book published or a film made and to meet any kids I might be having some day, and when I "make it" I'm going to take him to Denmark just like he took his dad to Denmark.

Friday, January 20, 2006

The Google Door, Playboy Bunnies

I dreamt that I had a google door. You could type what you wanted in and when you opened the door, there it be.
I typed kittens, and then Bryna and I got to to pet these two beautiful cats. They were cats not kittens, but google searching is an art ya know. The cats were strangely colored. One was green but you'd see purple as you pet the fur causing it to catch light from different angles. I don't remember what the other one was.

Later a car rolled up with two playboy bunnies in the back. I had a guy friend with me and we shouted to our girlfriends that we were going to the playboy mansion. The girfriends said to be good, and we made a lame sitcom type comment about you don't go to The Playboy Mansion to be good and our girlfriends made a lame sitcom reply along the lines of "Well, don't be TOOO bad." But we had a green light and so I climbed in the car and started petting on this gorgeous woman and then I woke up and was glad to have a real live women who doesn't make lame sitcom jokes sleeping next to me and I pet her instead but I didn't get as far as I'd probably have gotten with the playboy model because I fell back asleep.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A Fight

I went to work at 6:30 to get my cell phone, which I'd left there and my work radio so I could work from home as I have a head cold.
I fell back asleep after getting home and making sure the trucks were dispatched (part of what I do for a living).

I dreamt that I had gotten up and gone back to work. I had sleep in my eyes, like real thick eye boogers, so that I could barely see and Allen who is my good friend and sort of boss kept bitchin' at me. Finally I got up told him to shut up. I shoved him off his chair and cursed at him. The other employees were near by and all just sort of looked away and didn't say anything. I was going to punch him but I was aware that I could really hurt him as he's quite a bit smaller than me so I just kept shoving him, struggling to see because my eyes were so gummed up. Allen swung at me a couple of times and might of connected. I woke up before there was any resolution.

That's it.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Motorcycles, airconditioning. weird

I'll try to get this on all out.

Moving from a storage facility and having a really big fight with my mom, yelling at her that she had to just leave my stuff alone, I wasn't moving it yet, until finally I was knocking things around and feeling guilty as I was doing it but SO damn mad and then we're in a house and it's dinner and we're all on one side of the table except my uncle alone on the other and there's some kind of mint pie.

Before or after this I'm being accused of something by my friend Christie who is explaining to some authority figure type that I run the airconditioning in my stairwell? I explain that she misunderstood, my stairwell is where I like to sit when it's hot because it stays cool without having to run the AC. Christie and Darin are using a remote control camera to roll around this weird new suburban housing track. You can see what your filming on the computer and steer the camera around.

Then I'm out at some desert post and I have a scooter thing, but then I take what may be my brothers motorcycle to get some gas and it's hard to drive because the handlebars are way over my head and I keep thinking this can't be right their must be a way to lower them, but I get it to the gas station and the gas just flows out of this weird pipe and the tank won't swallow the gas as quickly as it flows out and it's all over the place. I put some other liquid in this rusted out holde where a traditional gas tank would be on a motorcycle and I kept worrying that I was mixing the two liquids up but I decided just to run the bike and see what happened. There were macho motorcycle type guys and bikini girls at the gas station. I knew I didn't fit and figured I'd better get back to where ever the hell I had come from. The handlebars were normal as I rode off.

In Real Life: I am waiting for our show to be reviewed in the Bee and it's a panic, so I think that's why the weird dreams.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Railroad Crew

It was raining heavy and Tim offered us a ride home in his truck. I was surprised when he turned up onto to the railroad tracks, but then I remembered that I as a City or State employee he had special permits. There were railroad guys working on the tracks and as Tim pulled around them we got a scolding for not being on official railroad business. We had to stop when we came to a spot where the tracks were trashed, and it would seem a big sinkhole had opened under them. We got out of the truck and checked things out on foot. There were some pretty cool girls there working on getting the projects. I jumped from twisted tracks to the road, which sloped into the sinkhole and I made it onto the road, but it was so stepp and up turned where I landed that I had to sink my finges into cracks in the road and hang on. I asked for help but the girls wouldn't give me any saying I should go into the water. I'm not a fan of deep water, especially when I can't see the bottom but I couldn't hang on forever so in I went. I grabbed a tree root, pulled myself and all the girls cheered. I had passed some sort of initiation. Not much work was getting done. Then tons of serious guys in serious vehicles started arriving. There was a girl who was my buddies x-girlfriend and she was really cool. She warned me not to even talk to these guys that were arriving because they were jerks. I put on the military outfit that I have for the current ICBINC show, figuring they'd respect a millitary man.

Next we were all at some big house and I kept watching Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy and a couple other movies in the same vain over and over and saying how great they were. Bryna showed up and I told here how great these movies were. I had some weird special player that may have been meant just for this specific movie. It was like going somewhere to smoke out only I was watching the movie instead, but with the same kind of ritual and devotion. I had to defend the movie to a few disbelievers.