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Just your basic dream journal. I will attempt to record all of my dreams here, no matter how mundane or humiliating they may be.
Keep in mind, I wake up and crawl to the computer and write these before coffee, tea or anything so yeah, they're a mess. Enjoy.

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Friday, May 23, 2008


Sometimes it's hard to decide what to share since I do dream about people I know. Usually I just change the name, but if I'm writing about a group I'm involved in and a limited number of people are in the group, well it's too easy to figure out who it is.
Oh well. If you're friends with me, you might have to deal with the fact that I occasionally dream about you naked.
SO then, I dreamt that my comedy troupe was performing in LA. I found out last minute that a friend of mine was opening for us. This friend is known for going on and on, usually way over the amount of time alloted when he performs. He's a good performer but his shows are always WAY too much of a good thing and tend to exhaust audiences. I try to, as politically as possible, convince the club booker not to have this go open but it is no use, and I find out we're actually the FOURTH troupe going on, though we're the headliner, in this case it sounds like a bad thing.
The backstage area and the club in general is crazy; split level, hallways and bridges and balconies and very strange. I found a dressing room area and one of the girls in my troupe walks by in a bathrobe that in real life is my wife's bathrobe. It's open and I can see her breast and belly. At first I'm flummoxed but I want to see more so after I pass I turn and initiate conversation. She's halfway into her dressing room but showing me more. In the dreams she has small breasts, in real life she has fairly large breasts. Her immodesty tells me she is probably open to fooling around and I decide I'd like to. I wake up though before anything actually happens.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Swingin' desserts

I have some friends who are swingerific. In this dream I and the wife of this couple are getting desserts at a buffet. We're both vegan (in real life she isn't) but we're cheating on our diet with chocolate cake with whipped cream and strawberry shortcake with whipped cream.
I'm not sure she's a swinger in the dream and there is a sense that if we're cheating on our diets maybe we can cheat on our partners.
I'm concerned that I'm having so man affair dreams lately. This is the first one where it didn't involve me having explicit permission. weird.
I woke up really wanting some dessert.


Christian dream, second one this week (see Leaky Roof Fireworks). This time he's back and really clean cut looking, trimmer too, like he was when were young.
He tells me of an uncle who warned Christian's cousins to watch him since he was a drunk and a thief. Christian, who is on the wagon (sober) in this dream tells me how he responded by holding a bottle (he holds the bottle in much the way used to steal bottles years ago by sliding them into the fore arm of his jacket) and he hops into a puddle and acts drunk and crazy stomping around in the puddle. Christian is actually acting it out in a puddle as he describes it and people are stopping to watch.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I can, but I can't

About a month ago I had a dream that I was rolling around with a really cute Asian girl and I had Bryna's permission (common theme lately?) but we were in public and I didn't think I could explain to anyone who saw us that I had permission and that I wasn't being unfaithful so I was reserved. I really liked this girl though and she was awfully pretty.

Blow Jobs for The Bride!

My family is around me. I'm at a hotel I think. In preparation for my wedding my fiancee will go on a date with one of my friends. In the dream this is a ritual that most couples do. It ritualistically tests the bride's devotion and loyalty but not too much of a test since the date is with someone the groom trusts. Mostly just a fun tradition.
I tell her that I'm okay with it if she wants to give and or receive some oral sex on her date. My friend shows up in a limousine that is pedaled, like a stretch Velo cab.

Leaky Roof, fireworks

The roof in the bathroom is leaking, the ceiling is buckling and I'm sure it's going to cave in. It does, in a big way. I run to my brother john and tell him that the ceiling has buckled. We run to the bathroom and the rain is coming right through the roof and ceiling to the pointer where it's practically raining in the bathroom and blowing at an angle into the hallway.
We head to the backyard and for some reason we climb the fence far from the house and then traversed the top of the fence rather than just climbing by the house. John does this well but I find I can't quite move swiftly along the top of the fence and so I hope down and climb the fence by the house, onto the house.
My mom is now up on the roof with me. At some point it stopped raining. There are nephews on the roof and one of them falls through the hole in the roof but is kept safe by all various bits of wreckage slowing his fall.
It's night then, my nephews are all holding full handfuls of bottle rockets and blowing 'em all off from their hands. I'm concerned, not for their safety but that they're not moving around as they do it, so they'll make it easy for the cops to get to 'em.
Later in the night, or maybe it was earlier, I dream that some kind of bulky dark guy with bleached hair and beard is calling my name. The guy catches up to me and it's my friend Christian. Christian has been incommunicado for the past year. In the dream he shows up out of nowhere and off the wagon. He is drunk and I start thinking about how I tell Anne that he is back and drinking again.