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Just your basic dream journal. I will attempt to record all of my dreams here, no matter how mundane or humiliating they may be.
Keep in mind, I wake up and crawl to the computer and write these before coffee, tea or anything so yeah, they're a mess. Enjoy.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Moths and Crickets in my back.

Trying to do the dishes. Not wearing a shirt. The moth keeps landing on my back, on the small scab where I had a pimple or scratched a mole. I bat the moth away, and I pull crickets out of the hole in my skin. The moth is putting the crickets there. They are crickets which will grow into moths.

I invented a new art form in my sleep

I was the monster. The way it worked is that the monster would go into a cafe or restaurant, unexpected and scare people. The other band members would already be there, including two Japanese school girls whose job is to scream and run around. The musicians in the band would start a song to the monster. "Monster, we know you're hungry, but you can't eat these people. These are important people." The song describes each person in the restaurant, making up details about them. From there, it becomes a full musical. Each person gets their own song building on the made up details we assigned them. The monster sings his own song. There is an antagonistic who gets eaten.
And in the dream this was an established form of entertainment in Japan. It had a three syllable name with a k and an h and a j but I don't remember the name. We were the first folks to bring this art form to the states.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Zombies again, sort of...

The whole town was evacuating due to the Zombie attack. I hadn't seen any zombies but civil disorder was a bigger concern for the moment. I wanted to take off, but I wanted to have my bike. I went to the Zimmerman offices to get it. Some thugs saw me go in and followed me. I pretended not to be into the bike. Telling them there was much better stuff in the inner office if we could get through the doors. "Oh we can get through the doors." they started breaking the locks. I grabbed my bike and split.
I met a girl who was Laura from some dumb tv show that Bryna watches, Rescue Me. Laura joined me in heading up the mountain. Then we found a kid. Now the kid was with us too. I was a dog who seemed trapped on a ledge by a river. I lowered my body down, thinking the dog could climb up me and get free. As I was doing this very dangerous thing the kid just wandered around this trail I hadn't seen and called the dog who came right up easily. I felt silly and climbed back up. It was getting dark and I realized we'd been very foolish letting it get dark without preparing for the night.
I woke up several times during the dream but always went right back into it. One time I even named things in my bedroom trying to get a lock on where I was, on the real world. Still I went back into it. I imagined a small shed with a tin roof and figured we'd sleep on the roof. Zombies can't climb and people wouldn't see us up there. Sometime after that I woke up. The residue of the dream stayed with me for a the first few hours of the day.

Scott S and The New Apartment

Last night, restless, went to bed depressed and dreamt of Bloom County all night. I think I was dreaming that I was righting it.
Then toward morning dreamt that Bryna and I were moving into a bigger apartment. The walls were old peeling paint, the carpet disgusting brown Brillo, but lots of space. I don't know if we were getting along. Not necessarily fighting but not real close and cozy. Scott S was coming over to visit. I was thinking Scott S. was some Chicken John, snooty SF guy, though I was picturing the real Scott S, a Sacramento guy, who thoroughly dislikes me. I guess I was juxtaposing to snooty guys, both of whom run (or ran) venues, though in real life Chicken John has nothing against me and wouldn't even really recognize my name or face. Anyway, Scott S shows up with a friend who has some crazy welded together two person bike thing. Neither of them say high to me as they ascend the back step of the apartment building. I follow them in, thinking I should have invited at least one of the guys who were hanging out on our back porch (Ben or some Craig Usher, another local guy who reminds me of Scott S butt he's really nice.) I go back but they're all gone. I go into my apartment. Scott's friend is racing an over sized bike pulling to trailers up and down our hall. He still doesn't acknowledge me. I don't know where Bryna is, but I imagine she's chatting with Scott on a porch somewhere. Our aparment has so many doors that when you open 'em all it's almost like you're outside. We have a way long closet with a toilet and sink at the end of it, maybe a tub, I don't remember. I decide that we don't need such a big closet and then with a little work it can be an extra room for guests (mostly our nephew Antonio.) I notice then that their is a room, and then the closet. Now if only there were another entrance to the bathroom. I wash my hands which for some reason have grease all over 'em. I'm looking at my tatoos, regretting having them, and thinking about how much of a dork I'll look like to Scott S with my dumb tatoos. I go to find him and Bryna and I wake up, relieved to not actually have any tattoos. Yay.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Last night:
Wasn't quite fighting with Bryna, just wanted to stay somewhere else for a night. rented room in a place that looked like a cheap downtown motel on the outside but was kind of themed on the inside. My rooms was tiny like a closet and all frilly with pink ruffles and crowded and cluttered and the bed was tiny and I realized that two of the walls were actually just sheets and one came down and in the next room, just loading in, were two of the lesbians I met at Tina's wedding. They said hello and were very friendly. I really wanted to go to sleep but didn't think I could get comfortable in this crowded room.

Later, after waking up to the rain really coming down, I was dreaming that the rain washed away a bunch of internet stuff for The Coexist Comedy Tour, including Tissa's myspace page. I was repairing her page and she wanted to make sure Junior was on her friend's list as she thought he was the coolest. (She's never heard of Junior in real life I'm sure.)

Dreaming about hookers, they were around for some reason, a bunch of them in really great costumes. One in a mostly red outfit, another in mostly yellow, etc. and then after they were gone dreaming about fantasizing about having sex with them or was I dreaming about actually having sex with them. Lines blured. The sex was standing, maybe anal, with the one in yellow.

Day before that:
I had a pet. It was a Big water puppy/monster from The Host. Creature was playful and LOVED to rock out to cheesy hair rock and I was thinking "Wow, I've actually had conversations with this creature? Haven't I?" It was very sweet and liked to be pet but was also a bit intimidating, I wasn't sure that it wouldn't bite. Watching it work it's way out if it's tank that was barely bigger than it was. Later it had glass stuck to it's skin. I carefully picked the glass off. Was the glas from it's tank?

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Poke in the eye

At a backyard BBQ. There's a guy there who seems a-lot like Chad (who I'm currently on tour with) but he's bigger and he's not Chad.
I flick something off my leg and it hits him in the eye, really gets him good.
He's not happy.
I apologize. He sort of accepts my apology. A while late, the incident fogotten, I toss him something. It hits him in the same eye. He's now really pissed. I tell him I'm sorry. I over do it. I jump up but he would just as soon I get away from him.
The BBQ was being hosted by Jerry Perry and Linda Perry. They showed me inside their apartment. It was all burnt out and flooded and devoid of light and there was meat everywhere, like they were in the meat business.
I went back outside. I thought a bug was on me, a swatted it. It was just a piece of bark. It hit the dude in the eye. "Okay, I'm not even gonna tell you I'm sorry, because you won't believe me, I'm just gonna leave. but I am sorry. I'll go now."
"Yeah, that's a good idea, GO!"
He's really mad now, and I'm thinking this may mean a fight at some time in my future. I wonder if I should go ahead and fight him now, while I've already got his vision blurry, but I decide this won't spare me another fight later so I leave.