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Just your basic dream journal. I will attempt to record all of my dreams here, no matter how mundane or humiliating they may be.
Keep in mind, I wake up and crawl to the computer and write these before coffee, tea or anything so yeah, they're a mess. Enjoy.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Damn, fell behind again

Start with last night, work backwords
Dreamt that Bryna was showing me the apartment she had on a high story of a buidling, way up there. It looks like a real luxory pad and I feel bad that we live in such a modest place but determined to find us something better and I sense that she's missing the nice diggs.
I woke up to the cat running under our bed, but then I realized that the cat we were sitting has gone home to grandma's and so I wonder what the hell ran under the bed. I turn on the lights, and look under the bed, I check the whole apartment. I find the back door unlocked which freaks me out. I determine that I must have dreamt the the cat ran under the bed, but it had to have been triggered by something as my dream shifted so suddenly and then I woke up.
I don't sleep well.

Night before: My big brother John is in bed recovering. He had half his body taken away from him, though I'm not sure how. He's grown back the half he lost, right down to his fingers and facial features. He tells me that this is the proof of God I've been asking for. Science can offer no explaination for his miraculous recovery. I admit that I thought he would have, at best, some useless lumps of flesh in place of his left side, if he survived at all. I promise to do some research.

Another night back: A teacher is instructing the students in my class to go to my show and then to see a movie that is playing after my show.
Class ends. I head to the show with the teacher but he's dawdling. Then we stop to pick up my nephew Antonio and the teacher tries out Antonio's skateboard. I'm worried about being late and I'm talking myself out of being worried about attendance. It doesn't matter, I say out loud, even if just the other students are there it will be fine. The show is really funny.

A few nights before that. I run through a grocery store and stab a developmentally disabled girl in the chest. I feel terrible and I don't know why I did it. I get her to the sidewalk in front of the store and I try to care for her while we wait for an ambulence. She seems fine. The whole where I stabbed her with some conical black thing that wasn't quite a knife, is closing up and not bleeding. I worry about internal bleeding. I see an army of cops coming. I decide to "give the collar" to the bike cops. The cops handcuff me and start smacking me around, knocking me over just to pick me up and know me over again. I don't like it. I wake myself up.

Same night. I'm out with Bryna and Sue (an old friend who we're now estranged from.) We go into an opera house in a small town. The opera house is HUGE. We find seat way to the back. It's crowded and we assume it's crowded all the way up. Later we realize that most of the house is empty, only crowded in the back. I stab Sue and her inflatable body deflates. The folks around us think we're carrying on rudely. The act on stage is struggling as they can barely be heard.
Back at home I try to repair Sue's body with tape but when I reinflate her the tape doesn't hold. He spirit and Bryna dismiss me as a complete doofus.
I look in the back yard and there's a rat pary, but also a bug party. Big groups of bugs forming pretty patterns. And animated looking baby racoons. I call Bryna to see.
When I wak up I find out Bryna had dreamt of Sue and of Racoons also.

Rat Party: May have been the same night as above dreams. There is a park in Sacramento where the Rats come out in amazing numbers at dusk. The Rat Party is REAL, not just something I dreamt. After seeing it I dreamt that I heard a noise in the kitchen. Going to check it out, I witness a Rat Party in my kitchen and it scares me something aweful. I call to Bryna to wake up and I see that there are rats in our room and they're crawling on Bryna. AUUGGGHHH. I woke up.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Zombies all the time

Watched 28 Days Later again two nights ago:
Dreamt that I was living in a 3 bedroom track home with six other guys. We were two to a room in a gated community trying to rebuild in the midst of a Zombie holocaust. We didn't see any zombies and it was mostly just satisfying work building up a comfortable community with inventiveness and elbow grease. No money, no job, but lots of hard work.
The dream morphed a bit and it was my brothers and I in the house. My mom was in a house nearby and came by to visit. Later my dad lived in our house too.
We saw paratrooper landing and realized it was The German Army come to help America fight the zombies. I said "Good, this should wipe 'em out." and my little brother said "Bullshit. The army is going to get infected and the mess will get worse." I figured he was right. Zombies came out of the wood work, from everywhere, drawn by the noise of the paratroopers who started shooting 'em.
Then things were quiet again. A little girl was now living in the house. Maybe the daughter that I often dream that I have. She said a man was walking really slowly outside and she didn't think he could see or hear. I looked out the window and it was a zombie. I saw a few more. I figured it was James' prediction come true.

My Birthday Present and Parking

There was a young lady working for me when I was in retail. I couldn't help noticing that she was quite attractive. She was flirty and I went out of my way to avoid being alone with her. If she'd come into my office I'd walk out onto the floor, that kind of thing. And I'd make sure AT ALL costs that her and I were never the last to leave after closing, even if it meant keeping some poor kid there long after they finsihed their own closing duties.
Then, I left retail and I didn't see her again for a few years.
I ran into her recently and she still drives me up a wall but she's now an adult and not a subordinate.
So, last nights dream. I'm giving her a ride home and she's wearing a short skirt, opaque black thigh high stockings, looking as cute as could be and flirtling like crazy. There's a hotel on the way to drop her off and it occurs to me that it would be a great place for a tryste.
I'm a good boy, even in my dreams. I go to Bryna and ask permission to have said tryste. It's my birthday I tell her. I figure this will work on her and the other woman. I get to have this, it's my birthday.
I describe the skirt and stocking to Bryna. I'm sure that the outfit will be what convinces her to give me her blessing. Like she'll say, "Oh, a short skirt and stocking, well yeah, of course, go for it."
The dream ends before I get my birthday present.
Earlier in the dream I parked my car on the side of the freeway. Not sure if I was out of gas or just decided it was a good place to leave my car. I had 24 hours to get it back. When I got back it was gone. There was art all over the shoulders of the freeway. Some kind of art in public places thing. Metal sculptures of the sort my friend and neighbor Gale does. Steve V. had some sculpture that loosely incorporated his motorcycle. His motorcyle was on the freeway and was art. My vehicle had been towed. Some symbolism there I'm sure. I went to some office full of beaurocratic goings on and told them it had only been 23 hours, even though I wasn't sure this was true, I figure it was unlikely that my vehicle got tagged within the first hour of my leaving it.
A woman working there was helpful in getting my car back. I think there were cars parked in hallways in the building but they were being replaced by metal sculptures as well, just as on the freeway.