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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Zombies all the time

Watched 28 Days Later again two nights ago:
Dreamt that I was living in a 3 bedroom track home with six other guys. We were two to a room in a gated community trying to rebuild in the midst of a Zombie holocaust. We didn't see any zombies and it was mostly just satisfying work building up a comfortable community with inventiveness and elbow grease. No money, no job, but lots of hard work.
The dream morphed a bit and it was my brothers and I in the house. My mom was in a house nearby and came by to visit. Later my dad lived in our house too.
We saw paratrooper landing and realized it was The German Army come to help America fight the zombies. I said "Good, this should wipe 'em out." and my little brother said "Bullshit. The army is going to get infected and the mess will get worse." I figured he was right. Zombies came out of the wood work, from everywhere, drawn by the noise of the paratroopers who started shooting 'em.
Then things were quiet again. A little girl was now living in the house. Maybe the daughter that I often dream that I have. She said a man was walking really slowly outside and she didn't think he could see or hear. I looked out the window and it was a zombie. I saw a few more. I figured it was James' prediction come true.


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