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Just your basic dream journal. I will attempt to record all of my dreams here, no matter how mundane or humiliating they may be.
Keep in mind, I wake up and crawl to the computer and write these before coffee, tea or anything so yeah, they're a mess. Enjoy.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Two Nights of Dreams

Dave is trying to get in front door, but I get there just in time and push the door closed, he pushes back but I get it closed and bolted. He runs to the back door, I do the same. This time he wins the pushing contest. He beats me up. I don't remember much of the fight, just flashes of trying to smash his head into the ground and such. I'm beat up, I call the cops, it should be pretty open shut, crazy fucker, and Dave is a crazy fucker, forces his way into my house and beats me up. When Dave pulls out his acoustic guitar and plays a number for the cops it seems things might go his way. One cop describes a scenario in which I could be the guilty party. Maybe I went to Dave's house and attacked him and he kicked my ass there and then I lured him here so that I could call the cops and say that he beat me up here. I'm frustrated but eventually they do take Dave away as he's not able to keep up the illusion that he isn't totally fuckin' nuts for very long.

Two Days Ago
Bryna's left me, though technically she's just taking a break, we're taking a break. I'm sure there's another guy. I'm bothered by how unemotional she seems to be. She gets a job at Capitol Aquarium. I am working for Scott making jewelry. We each have a new apartment, mine is over Scott's shop. I don't want to slip in it because it's scary. it's brown and nebulous, I don't know where it ends, it just goes on and on. I think it's residual form another dream that I only remember flashes of, but I do remember a crazy building that's all brown inside and a mess of rooms and hallways that blend together.
I run to work, early in the morning, through a bad neighborhood. I think that if I look like a jogger out for a jog I'm less likely to be fucked with than if I look like a guy going to work, like somehow I'll be more intimidating if I'm less working class. I worry about getting into the shop, I wonder if I have keys, I figure I don't as Scott wouldn't have given me keys. I figure I must have keys to my own apartment though and It's right upstairs, so I can go in there for an hour or two. I'm scared to be outside, but the apartment's scary too. It feels really good to run. This part of the dreams goes on a-long time, running, enjoying the site of the ground going by beneath my feet.

Friday, February 16, 2007

three dreams one night

I blew it financially, will lose my apartment and my little brother who is my roommate is ready to grab the full place. I'm crying and freaking out and telling him he's an asshole.
Then when I calm down I work out a deal where our mom whose been living there rent free will start paying rent and I give up a few other things and I can keep the place.

Bryna and I and Antonio looking at a two bedroom place. The rooms are huge. I'm showing Antonio where I can divide one room up to make it my office and his bedroom.

I'm in my apartment where I live in real life. My mom is having me show my grandma old records hoping to find some she'll like but she don't like nothing. Apparently someone had earlier brought by a gentleman they thought grandma might be interested in. Then Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore come by before a show. I tease Thurston about all the stuff he left last time he came by. Kim says some super cheesey thing about how the new album is named after me, but she means named after everyone that they stay with while touring.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Loogie game?

In my room. People are playing loogie game. Idon’t want to play. It’s too gross. Yuck. There’s a girl there, she, being lady like, turns away and puts the logy in her hand and then flings it rather than spitting in public.

Bryna looks all wrong. Like here skin is baggy and hanging off of her and it's really troubling me but then she's normal.

Uncle Johnny overnight guest or Uncle andy maybe both
Aunt peggy showing me a bunch of cousin andy’s clothes, too small for me.
Bryna’ pissed that someone picked at the leftovers in the night.
House becomes the office where I work, just changes the way things do in dreams.

I poor cereal, look in cereal box, there’s pepperoni and such in it.
Trish comes in, ALSO pissed that someone picked at leftovers in the night
This woman who is some sort of inspector or something comes in and we try to warn her no to eat the cereal. She laughs, we’re not sure if she believes us, she spits some chewed up pepperoni into the box. Yuck.

Friday, February 02, 2007

catching up

Last night: Dreamt I needed somewhere to sleep. Wasn't homeless, just to far from home and tired. Climbed into Capitol Aquarium, where I used to work, through an open window. In the dream Capitol was this smallish white brick building that wasn't much of an aquarium as it lacked fish tanks, but it did have a back yard. I snuck back out the window just as Grant the owner was sneaking in. Later I went back, for a visit presumably but I think mostly out of curiosity to see if they knew that I'd crashed there. The criminal always revisits the scene of the crime. I went into the backyard to say high Lori, Grant's daughter, as she tended to the lawn or something. I talked with her brother Bobby, the guy who ran things when I was there, but he was just a disembodied voice. The voice maybe came from the hose, I spoke to the hose figuring thats what carried his voice but I gave it surprisingly little thought as we made small talk.

Earlier in the week: In the waking world my friend Patrick is desperately seeking work. I dreamt I'd opened a cafe and the ambience was really cool but the food was boring. I asked Patrick to come be the cook. He said he didn't know. I was beside myself. "Dude, you're desperate for work, ready to take anything, and I'm offering you a really good opportunity, what the hell?"
He wasn't sure he could make good Macaroni and Cheese, which for some reason I figured would be really popular. I remembered all my past experiences with Patrick and decided to just let it go. He'd take a few days and then he'd agree to take the job.

Had another dream that I've forgotten most of but it did involve girls having sex with each other using this stainless steel silo shaped strap on thing.