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Just your basic dream journal. I will attempt to record all of my dreams here, no matter how mundane or humiliating they may be.
Keep in mind, I wake up and crawl to the computer and write these before coffee, tea or anything so yeah, they're a mess. Enjoy.

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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Working at Starbucks in Seattle

I figured out some mathmatical problem, came up with some solution that helped out some older authority figure type and had something to do with Starbucks. Sorry, but that part of the dream is a blur. I had some sense that my high school buddies Billy and Christian were involved in there somewhere which tells me I'm pretty young in this dream. The dream moves on.

I start working at a Starbucks in Seattle. I'm really enjoying working there. The clean environment, decent music playing, getting to talk to different people and being in Seattle. I notice some guys having a light sabre fight through the window. Pretty cool.

I take a break and the streets are packed and there's an outdoor market festive feeling in the air. I have a light sabre fight. These guys are really into it, keeping track of points and ranking and what not. You have to tap the ground three times while your oponent doesn't have his sword or had at least one knee on the ground to win.

The dream isn't stable. I'm doing the light saber fighting, I'm just watching, I'm some fresh faced curly haired guy, I'm me. I go back to Starbucks.

I go back on early, without my apron as they're getting busy. A coworker asks for a peanut butter fudge Stephen King. I tell him that's Greek to me. He goes to get it and has me make the espresso instead. A guy hands me a handful of change and orders a silver lining. I don't know what that is either but three new guys who look more like the types whoes job would be to look snooty while standing next to an empty chair at a high priced hair salon, show up to make the coffee drinks. I call out the silver lining and I go to ring it up. I can't figure out what it is even to ring it in. I explain to a co-worker that Seattle terminology for coffee drinks is apparently WAY different than in California.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Catching up

Lots of dreams to catch up on.

A few nights back I dreamt that a horse was giving birth on the porch of a house. I think I lived in the house. I was afraid of the hourse but I wanted to help, at least to sooth it. The horse lay down and then stood up, seeming to be panicing as horses do. It had the baby and almost instantly the baby was able to run all over the place.

Night before last I had a damn weird one. I was walking from work watching for Bryna who was coming to pick me up. The car sped by me, and then pulled over around the corner. I hopped in and my mom was driving. Bryna was there as were several other folks including Sean Christian, my old roommate. Sean was standing on the floor of the car between the front passenger seat, where I was sitting, and the dash board, and our little car was big enough that there was room for him there.

Sean expalined that he and a bunch of other guys were staying at the YMCA and the paint had some kind of toxin in it. My mom was helping out as a bunch of the guys were seriously ill. Sean's gang of guys look like the tough young irish immigrants of old movies.

The dream morphs here. There's now a gang of cows. The cows are all tough guy archetypes. A cowboy cow, a gangster cow, etc. They're like a Village People of tough guy cows. These are boy cows by the way. Not bulls, but boy cows. They want to know why I don't drink milk. Finally I'm facing one huge tough guy cow who stand up right and insist that all vegans drink from his teets.

Last night I dreamt that there was a costume party at a big house owned by my dad. I got in a fight with my dad over something and I took his car and split. I was driving the car from the passenger seat. I had gas and break pedals there, but I had to reach over to the steering wheel which stayed put in the drivers seat. I decided to go back before I got in more trouble with my dad, but I pulled over and got into the drivers seat. The steering wheel seemed to high and at an awkward angle making it hard to drive. Adjust the seat didn't help.

I got back to the house and I left my costume, which was a tall building made like sandwich board, out in the living room so my dad would know I was back and had brought his car back. I went to sleep in a room with two beds, my little brother taking the next bed.

In the morning as usual my dad and I were the first people up. I was using the coffee pot to make tea and he asked if he could have it to make coffee. I just brewed my tea in my cup. Dad made coffee and piles of breakfast sausage and kiabasa. I was snacking on sausages when it would occur to me that I was vegan and that it was unlikely that my dad would make veggie sausages. I then dreamt that I woke up, just long enough to realize it was a dream and that my dad wasn't up yet and hadn't made sausage. I waas relieved, got up, still in the same house, still the morning after the costume party. I had my tea and I put on some Ween and some Boredoms.

The family began waking and everyone was there including my grandma Mary who told me I'd better not play anymore of that crappy music. I tried to play some and she though I succeeded but it was actually some pop crap coming out of the speakers. I tried to eject my cd from the little boom box and the thing was able to play cassette tapes from three different spots, but I'll be damned if I could find where the hell it held my cd.

I woke up soon after that.

These last two dreams were had durring a time when I'm suffering real bad with my U.C. Last night's dream after starting to have some relief thanks I think to a new probiotic I'm taking. At any rate I'm eating nothing but bananas and pears and steamed vegetables so that explains why all the weird food reference. I guess.