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Just your basic dream journal. I will attempt to record all of my dreams here, no matter how mundane or humiliating they may be.
Keep in mind, I wake up and crawl to the computer and write these before coffee, tea or anything so yeah, they're a mess. Enjoy.

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Baseball impotent tomato head

This is all from one dream that just wandered all over the place:

I host the first night of some two night show at The Crest. My mom apparently watched a video of the first night and is at night two saying it’s hard to see her baby saying the kinds of things I say while hosting. I think I hosted mostly as Francois Fly. I tell her I’m making a small appearance in the show tonight doing some cleaner material. The clean material is a few jokes I just thought of and asked if I could perform.

Baseball, I’m little skinny guy, pitcher trying to hit me with ball, I’m trying to bunt, I get a lite hit toward third base, by luck it’s over thrown by third baseman and I end up getting a home run and bringing two other players home. We’re all uniformed like a pro team.

James (my little brother) is telling me he hasn’t wanked in a few months he’s shy about telling me, using hand gestures. I get the feeling he’s saying he’s been impotent. I suggest he try some new porn and try wankin’ even if he’s not hard.

Allen and James are watching Barney Miller, Barney is slightly Groucho-fied.

Talking to Michelle asking advice about James’ problem. Michelle shows me a project she did for a group art show. I try to get photos of the slides she’s done as they’re projected on the wall, trying mostly to get a good pick of michelle’s face, but the person working the projector goes WAY forward or WAY backwards when I try to get them to inch either direction. Finally some crazy animation comes on of some tomato head rapping. It’s awesome, the music is Tom Waitsish and the animation rules. We all fawn over Michelle who is shy about it.


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