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Thursday, June 15, 2006

A Party

Planned a birthday party for myself. It was to be at my friend Jason's house. I ran around making arangements and by the time I got there lots of people were there and had been there for some time. They were mostly older folks, and mostly Jason's friends and family, though my mom and my aunt were there and maybe one of my brothers.

I assumed it was a night time party but everyone else seemed to regard it as a day time party. I had a tape that my uncle made me of classic rock.

I went upstairs to Jason's room to get ready and I took a nap for ahwile. I knew that my aunt was pissed that they'd come to my party and hardly saw me at all.

By the time I came back downstairs everyone was gone. I figured it was just the old folks, that my friends would be showing up for a night of partying but then it became clear that it was over. Nobody else was showing up.


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