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Just your basic dream journal. I will attempt to record all of my dreams here, no matter how mundane or humiliating they may be.
Keep in mind, I wake up and crawl to the computer and write these before coffee, tea or anything so yeah, they're a mess. Enjoy.

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Run Aways, Emily and France, Bear, Scary Upstairs

I dreamt that I still had my bus. I was out walking and saw a skinny girl, mid to late teens sleeping in a car or being chased away from the car or something. Later I discover her sleeping in my bus. I figured it was decked out pretty nice to live in, it's purpose really, so I told her she could crash there for awhile while she got back on her feet. I felt really good about it, because the bus is almost like a little apartment and she could feel safe and know that she had somewhere to go. I told her I'd make breakfast. Then I went in and told Bryna that I let an underage runaway move in to my bus. She took it surprising well.

The next night, after seeing a news program about Mormon exiles or "lost boys", I dreamt that I let a couple of THEM come stay with us. I don't what is with the runaway theme.

I dreamt Emily was back from France. At first I thought she'd had a fight with her boyfriend and I'm like YOU DON'T LEAVE FRANCE OVER A FIGHT! YOU....JUST.... GET ALONG!!! But, she actually was back because it had been decided that she was going to live there and so she had to pack up her apartment and take care of some business. Our house was crazy. In addition to Emily my family was there and a present had arrived from George of Sea Monkeys but I don't remember what it was or what was odd about it, but something...
Oh, and also Emily had a custom card made for us, she wrote the text but then had it printed and printed sort of ghetto, like she found a twenty five cent make your own card machine or something.
Thene we were at a big store that had a zoo like exhibit with a bear and then the bear seemed made and was charging, and I thought the scenery was made to look bigger than it was so the bear was reaching us much quicker than he should have. We all ran, along with other customers to the parking lot. We locked the doors. We both insisted on driving back by the store though because we really wanted to see the bear but Bryna made sure our windows were all the way up first and that is funny because in real life our windows are stuck in the up position and won't roll down and we have now air conditioning.

THEN a couple nights ago the scarry upstairs apartment. We're in our apartment only it's my nondivorced parents apartment with an extra room, our room. My friends Crelly and Kate are over and they want to see the attic which I never went into so we pull down the attic ladder stairs thing and go up and it's a great little two bedroom apartment with a kitchen. And I'm stoked and we'll live here and I remember suggesting that we not even tell the landlord that we know about it. I start to wonder about it though. Why hasn't the landlord mentioned it. Why is it furnished and why does it look like it was vacated so quickly. I start to be afraid of it. No real reason, just dreadfully afraid.
I try to go to sleep (still in the dream here) and my mom comes in and lays down across the bed to talk with us. She is scared too. Bryna, half asleep, says she knows the man that we sense and he thinks I am a genius but bares me know ill will. I sense that this man/ghost whatever was a controlling oppressive not good sort.

When I wake up I'm freaked and I have a really hard time sleeping.


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