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Just your basic dream journal. I will attempt to record all of my dreams here, no matter how mundane or humiliating they may be.
Keep in mind, I wake up and crawl to the computer and write these before coffee, tea or anything so yeah, they're a mess. Enjoy.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I was at Burning Man or something like it sitting in a circle. Somebody pulled my head backwards and tried to shove white power into my nose. I shook them off but it was made clear to me that this is acceptable etiquette among friends where peyote is concerned. I thought it strange that peyote would be in the form of a white powder but my friends all started doing it messily which again was apparently the etiquette. The guy who had pulled my head back had long black hair and long eyebrows, so long they were combed to each side and merged with his hair. He was full of himself and obscene in the way of really shallow people who dedicate themselves to completely embracing a certain hip culture at the expense of any personality they may have once had. I disliked him strongly.
He got up and approached a little person who looked like a child in dress and size but she had a worn face of someone whose led a hard life. I heard he say something to him about about a good tip and then she started to give him oral sex. There were kids around they were watching and I became almost panicky in rage and concern. I didn't know what to do, how to respond, weather to protect them or assail him. I woke up disturbed.


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