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Keep in mind, I wake up and crawl to the computer and write these before coffee, tea or anything so yeah, they're a mess. Enjoy.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

the hunters and the teddy bear

Amber and I were driving down the freeway, probably something to do with the comedy troupe, heading to or from a show. We were talking about all the cool stuff you see if you take your time, and to prove the point we took a random exit off the highway.

The exit ramp went into a pond, like a boat launching ramp. The pond was full of hunters with guns and a big old walrus sort of thing.

We were bummed that we were going to see the thing get shot. But then we noticed one of the hunters seemed to really have a way with the walrus. He was touching it's big giant front paws and then it even seemed to be hugging him.

The walrus started to look more and more like a teddy bear. It was rolling on the ground and playing. The pond was gone, and we were now just in a clearing in the woods. A woman had a large animal carrier and several smaller animal were lead into it including a cute little yellow puppy that I had to pick up and bring to her. The teddy bear stood next to the carrier since he couldn't fit in. All the hunters were pleased that this woman from animal control or some such entity was taking care of the teddy bear. I went from being bummed that the hunters were gonna shoot the animal to being dissappointed that they just trusted this woman. That they wanted the warm happy feel good feeling more than they wanted to actually know what was going to happen to the animals. I figured they probably on their way to being euthanized, cynic/skeptic, not able to just enjoy the warm and the fuzzy.

We got back in our car, got a little lost and went into a gas station. As I found some goodies to eat I remembered a time when I was a store where Jean, my old boss from Petco worked. I was stealing stuff just becuase it was her and I knew the rules were that she could call the cops after I left but couldn't touch me.

(The teddy walrus must have been based on seeing an actual seal that I saw while boating in the Sacramento River a couple of weeks ago, very far from his home, happily eating some salmon. The pet-co stealing memory was not a real memory, just a memory in the dream. That it was Amber is not surprising. The comedy troupe is in rehearsals for a big show at the moment. And I'll be taking a road trip soon to go see my family for thanksgiving.)


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