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Just your basic dream journal. I will attempt to record all of my dreams here, no matter how mundane or humiliating they may be.
Keep in mind, I wake up and crawl to the computer and write these before coffee, tea or anything so yeah, they're a mess. Enjoy.

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Wine for Carl and Respect for Mom

Allen and I are buying wine, I'm lookng for a bottle for our friend carl to take to the dessert. Allen is reccommending a good red wine. I say I'd like to get chocolate wine, as the dessert is the only place where chocolate wine tast good. I end up getting this little bottle of chocolate selzer water.
The shop where we're getting the wine it busy and crowded with a high counter that runs the width of the back of the store and is more like an old, beat up version of a bank teller set up than a shop counter.
The next part of the dream I'm at my mom's place and my nephew Antonio is my brother in the dream, my much younger brother. He says something snotty to my mom and then he makes an aggressive gesture toward her. I'm appalled and also concerned that my mother is much older and if this isn't nipped in the bud it's going to be a big problem. I grab him and dump him in bed telling him that's it for him for the night. He cries and I explain to hiim that as he gets older and sees more of the world he's going to realize what a great mom we have but for now he's got to take my word for it and respect our mom.
I woke up late for work.

Had a dream earlier in the night which woke me up. Concerned that I'd lose it, I sat there and recapped the details of it in my head. I remember doing that, but still do not remember the details of the damn dream.


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