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Just your basic dream journal. I will attempt to record all of my dreams here, no matter how mundane or humiliating they may be.
Keep in mind, I wake up and crawl to the computer and write these before coffee, tea or anything so yeah, they're a mess. Enjoy.

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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Norm's Basement

I dreamt that Bryna (my fiance) and I were in a basement apartment that was large and roomy, two kitchens suggesting it had been two apartments at one time. It wasn't our apartment but rather belonged to Norm.

Norm, in real life, is a guy I've only met once. A friend of mine cheated on her husband with Norm and I'm the only person she told. I'm not very comfortable with Norm.

The apartment was run down like it had been abandoned, with bricks out of place on an outside wall in one spot. Norm and the friend I know him through showed up. Norm showed me the funny letters from his roommate deriding him for leaving his porno out in public spaces. The public spaces being on top of the television and the porno being his collection of John Waters films. Norms room furnished with pastic sci-fi/fantasy furniture looking like something out of an alien movie only all shiny and plastic and mass produced looking. It was pretty lame.

In the dream I didn't care for Norm but I wanted to. He is a successfull artist and, though I'm disgusted with myself for it, I have a bad habit of being more forgiving of people who are successfull at making art, and making a living off of that art.

In the waking world I have no dislike of Norm, I've only ever spent about 60 seconds with him. The first impression wasn't much, but he had a-lot to live up to as I'd heard him described as the coolest thing that ever happened to humanity.


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