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Just your basic dream journal. I will attempt to record all of my dreams here, no matter how mundane or humiliating they may be.
Keep in mind, I wake up and crawl to the computer and write these before coffee, tea or anything so yeah, they're a mess. Enjoy.

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

two dreams in one night.

I'm in an apartment, my mom's old town house I think. My mom and dad are there and Bryna also. Bryna has been being stalked and harassed by someone and while my parents and I were upstairs he apparently showed up, walked right in my mom's house from the back yard. He's getting increasingly brazen and Bryna's getting really freaked out but she still hasn't really gotten a good look at him.
Two cops knock on the door. One of them is really huge, almost a giant. Bryna's reacting like he might be the creep that's been harassing her. I notice they're uniforms are only rent a cop outfits. When big dude stroked Bryna's hair, we knew it was him. I go nuts, I curse at him and I push him out of the house. once Outside, out Bryna and my parent's view, work him over with a baseball bat. His friend won't get close lest I bat him too. I go back inside. I apologize to my mom for cursing. I got upstairs and get into bed, peeking out the window to see if there's more trouble coming. I feel like I'm hiding from what happened.

I'm working at a convenience store. Next door is a 7-11. Nobody's working there. I'm kind of managing both. I work all night. I finally have to go across the street for something. When I come back the manager's at 7-11. He looks at me dissapointed. I explain that I'm trying to watch both stores and I don't even work at 7-11, they just forgot to schedule someone. I go next door. The boss is there too. He's cool. A strange man who looks like a middle eastern Mario (from the video games). He wears a green plastic net on his head that looks like fake seaweed. He gives me a big bottle of wine, a big bottle of tequila. he's very thankful that I stayed all night. I put back the tequila.
I walk home. It's a long walk and I worry I took the wrong way but I think it out and I know the main thorough fairs will get me home. I pass a neighborhood, folsom and 18th ave (doesn't exist in real life). I was in this cool little neighborhood in another dreams when my sweetie and I went for a walk and found the Old I annex. i think to myself that Bryna and I should come back and hang out here sometime.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Open heart surgery and a drug fiend

Open heart surgery with only a local anesthetic. In fact, I was sitting up durring the procedure. The anesthetic made it not hurt, but I could still feel the scalpel cutting deep into my chest. My heart was on the right side of my body in the dream rather than centrally located.
Later I was explaining to my mom that it was no big deal. Immediately after the surgery I was up and about.
I was walking home from my mom's and I saw a guy trembling and sweating profusely in a parking lot. He was wild eyed and disheveled. I continued walking. Later I saw a young girl looking very scared but trying not to react, not wanting to give the boogie man the attention he needs to exist I guess, as the trembling guy was noisily approaching her from behind. I watched and I don't think he was heading for her intentionally. He was running and puking. He had on only a pair of tattered pants. He was thin and muscular and completely fucked.
When he noticed the girl he did turn his attention to her so I called his attention to me. He started following me and the girl ran in the opposite direction. Now Bryna was with me. We reached our apartment building and walked the long hallway to our front door. (We've never lived in a building like this in reality.) I told Byrna she should go inside and let me deal with the crazy. She did so, and I started running. Crazy ran too, and then I jumped on the ground and let him trip over me hard. I got up and was going to go into my apartment. My neighbor came out and he was a short very serious macho type. If I was going to really take care of this situation like I should, he would just have to do it for me and see that crazy was out of the building.
Of course I should have just let him, but I didn't want to be looked down on. I ran again, toward the exit of the building but when I dropped down this time crazy guy just stepped right over me. So, I shoved him out of the building and told him he had to go and I acted like and animal myself, lunging at him and growling 'til he looked like a confused puppy. I went back inside and he didn't follow.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Couple of Dreams

Two nights in a row dreaming about my apartment where I live.
In the first Bryna discovers a door that goes to a really nice balcony/porch off our house. The view is delightuf. She's sitting out there smoking. This is the first time I've had a dream with her smoking where it seemed normal and I got upset since she quit 8 months ago.
We check out the porch and it's pretty flimsy. Then we notice it's not attached to the main building and just sits up on stilts. It sways in the wind and I suggest it should be attached and that it's probably not safe for now.
Later, I'm in the house and bryna standing on a small platform that's a few steps higher than the porch. I don't recall this being there before but I tell Bryna to be careful. Just then she loses her footing and steps onto the porch right into a small tub of chemically stuff, maybe cleaning stuff, I'm not sure. She slips in the tup and falls off the porch. I run toward the porch but its too late for me to do anything. I see her fall, and she lands on one shoulder and rolls, the way one would ideally if falling off a skate board. It seems like she'd be okay.
I run with all my might to get to down the stairs and to her. Her eyes are open and she seems okay when I get there. I'm so relieved. I hug her and a strange rumbling low howl is coming out of me for a long time. I see me feeling this emotion but it's like I"m watching if from afar and I think she'll be okay and it's good that she sees how much I love her. The howl turns to sobs and I wake up.

Then last night I dream that our new neighbor has a mini motor home that doesn't run and pushes it way from her driveway like she's all done with it. Bryna guesses that she's coming from a bad situation. She tells me that groups that help people escape bad situations will often give them a camper or motor home to live in until they get a job and can afford an apartment.
I think the mini-motor home is the coolest thing ever and I push it into our backyard. I sit in it and plan how we could be comfortable in it, watching movies on my laptop. I know I'm supposed to be inside helping with the house but it's just too cool.

Friday, May 11, 2007

catching up again

My parents are still together, dad's bbq-ing in back yard, for some reason my mom asks me to say grace, I do it, real quicklike. Later I'm explaining to a pastor friend that I said grace. Something happens with me and my brother Edward, a fight or something. Later he gives me a hug, a real stiff awkward sort of hug and I cry and then I tell him that I have a ridiculously high need for my brothers' approval, but I always do such dumb things when they're around. He tells me that he's not much for hugging and such. He tells me that it's been a few months since we've hugged and years since we danced?

Earlier Dreams that I didn't record:
I'm running down the street and I'm not satisfied with how fast I can move so I turn into a wolf to run faster. I worry someone'll see me so I turn back to me, but I get frustrated again so I turn back to a wolf. The city is beautiful. I get home and there's my friend's kid, Ella, at the top of my stairs waiting to go in. I go to get the door and a dog charges us. I drop to the ground and kick the dog in the head as he leaps at Ella. He recovers and leaps again and I pin him to the ground with my foot on his throat.

My little brother is a Sea Monkey. He starts to get embarrassed walking around being stared at. I take him to Target to buy him some clothes.